Seating Capacity 8-10
Color White
Interior Leather
Length 120'
Bar Yes
Tv/Dvd Yes
Cd/Radio Yes
AC and Heating Yes

Lincoln Fantasy Limousine Toronto

Whatever your requirements are for hiring a luxury limousine in Toronto, you can rest assured that Relax Limo will be able to meet your needs.

We have an extensive and well maintained fleet of vehicles ranging from the Bentley S2 1948l, which can seat four passengers, to the Land Yacht, which is capable of seating 24 people and has an on board bar, television and DVD player to keep you entertained!

For executives in Toronto we also have the Ford Executive Van, which will ensure you arrive at all your meetings looking and feeling your absolute best. If you have a celebration to look forward to you will also enjoy the stretch limousine, which allows you to sit back and relax with a drink from the built in bar, as we take you to your destination in supreme comfort.

As you can see from our extensive fleet based here in Toronto, whichever vehicle you opt for you will be hoping you get stuck in a traffic jam, to enable you to enjoy our top notch service and luxurious vehicles for even longer!

If you would like to discuss your requirements please fill in the online form or phone us on the number given. We will be glad to assist with your needs.